(Close) Municipal market, commercial facility and public parking. Lorca, Murcia

Municipal market, commercial facility and public parking. Lorca, Murcia

Location: Alameda de Francisco Rabal. Lorca, Murcia

Project date: 2008

Design team: Sergio Carrillo and Francisco García (co-authors of the project)

Date of construction: Not built

Construction team:

Built area: 25,165.13 m2

Photographs: Proyecto digital (3D visualization)

It is proposed to create a horizontal plane crossed by linear openings for lighting the commercial area located in the first basement, openings that will in turn be covered by pergolas. The treatment of this horizontal plane varies from greater uniformity on the side of the railway to a greater variety of materials and textures on the opposite side (vegetable, wooden, gravel and rubber flooring for children’s play, etc.). The 20-meter band of setback with respect to the railway platform required by the regulations is respected, and it serves to create a continuous mass of trees with the goal of preserving the species currently existing in the park. It will be a fundamental premise for the development of the project to maintain the specimens present in the current park, and furthermore to increase their number, placing the larger ones on the setback strip, and the rest on the commercial space. To make this possible, a 1.5-meter thick layer of earth is planned on the roof of the public market.


The commercial area in the first basement is inspired by the commercial galleries of the first industrial era, conceived as zenithally illuminated promenades, and even going further back in time in examples of the neoclassical period such as the Prado Museum or the Vatican Museums. In this case, the mildness of the climate and the search for energy savings implies that such walks are covered but not closed, protected from the summer sun radiation but taking advantage of natural ventilation and the coolness provided by the trees in the park. The stalls in the market have independent and exclusive loading and unloading accesses by means of freight elevators, which connect them to the second basement. The flow of goods is not mixed with the flow of customers. The areas of cinemas, shops and the food court can be made independent at will, depending on the opening hours of each of them, by means of sliding doors hidden in the interior partitions of the building.


The park above aims to be an element of stimulus for the senses, through the use of different types of materials, colors, textures, etc. Areas of more uniform treatment are planned in which kiosks or terraces can appear, or even specific activities such as street theatre, children’s entertainment days, etc. And in front of these, others will be more varied, like a sequence of flowerbeds, tree masses, rubber flooring for children’s games, earth, wood and water planes, etc. that will serve to awaken the curiosity of children and adults. The goal is to integrate as much as possible elements of urban furniture (lighting, benches, protections, etc.).


In the parking levels, the aim is above all to ensure clear circulation and to optimize space. The structural order is generated from the parking lot module, with regular spans suitable to be covered by means of prefabricated systems, achieving at the same time speed and quality in the execution. The pedestrian exits are arranged in accordance with current fire protection regulations, emerging in the park space as light and translucent boxes, like real night lanterns that complement the rest of the artificial lighting in the park. The road access to the garage is proposed from the Alameda Rafael Méndez and from the Alameda de Cervantes, enabling in the latter case a two-way service road parallel to the railway line.



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